It is surprising, he has never ever shown need for some one

It is surprising, he has never ever shown need for some one

mimi’s birth service

yoonmin: just after he or she is old jimin renders home to accept as a great witch during the a faraway urban area. they are clueless that when the guy‘s of their home town he’s going to totally free their pet familiar away from a spell. now their pet provides a person setting in which he claims to end up being a beneficial warlock titled min yoongi!

taekook: immediately after weeks off not viewing each other, jungkook courageously turns up in the kim’s bakery disregarding their boyfriend’s punishment. taehyung panics and you may spends a concoction from jimin’s space to hide jungkook. jungkook cannot turn invisible, though; he can become a bunny.

football au

soccer club captain Minute Yoongi in the long run keeps a break towards the individuals! Playground Jimin, the new scholar is actually fortunate to have the captain’s interest however, new boy doesn’t want almost anything to create with basketball participants, he hates basketball.

soulmate au

as opposed to a lot of people, jimin cannot trust the accuracy of the soulmate system. he will not worry about trying to find their soulmate due to the fact the guy second thoughts he’ll fall for him or her. that said he will refute destiny when he meets their soulmate. also crappy the guy can’t stop contemplating him.

family soulmates

Yoongi understands he or she is petty however, he extremely hates his mother’s date. Despite his soulmate draw checked when he came across the new kid of told you guy. If your rejection towards the boy was more powerful than the will to possess Jimin, how come it damage plenty are apart?

glucose baby

annually, yoongi’s bro brings domestic an alternative partner because of their family trip to the countryside. yoongi’s members of the family courtroom him but yoongi has not yet extremely cared. until now, when yoongi takes an effective taste to your their uncle’s sugar kid, a guy as much as his many years named jimin.

day travel

yoongi are an occasion travellers in love, that’s difficulty itself. and to enable it to be worse, it occurs that he’s crazy about jimin, the man behind the counter in the resort diyosuun, a vintage set where day guests head to fix the wounds. a location jimin can’t ever leave.

bogus matchmaking series

yoonmin: once giving a topless to help you their family on the crash jimin lies throughout the which have a date to full cover up the real truth about their fetish account. jimin’s dad really wants to fulfill said sweetheart as well as the best choice for it seems to be jimin’s stoic photos, minute yoongi.

taekook: since it found, taehyung’s cameraman is definitely once your however, taehyung features denied every one of his enhances, acting as if the he had been tired of her or him. that’s until guys and you can taehyung are unable to assist however, miss the appeal.

fuckboy au

yoonmin: Yoongi was an excellent fuckboy who would like to link that have simple Jimin away from Opinions group just for the challenge out-of corrupting the brand new nice man. Ends up Jimin is not as straight given that folks believes. Very maybe Yoongi could be the you to definitely played with in the avoid

taekook: Taehyung actually sure as to the reasons the guy refuted their members of the family having positives like confession. over the course of weekly, while he and you will Jungkook drift aside and you can Taehyung starts destroyed your, Taehyung issues their thinking and you may finds out himself regretting his decision.

opposites desire

Due to the fact shy Yoongi cannot understand how to operate doing his crush their close friends recommend the guy becomes advice using their roommate, team animal Jimin. However, Yoongi actually fond of some body too distinctive from your and just how can some body such Jimin even help your?

yoongi is that

Jimin enjoys a theory: folks are merely preferred on account of whom they date. When the all it takes to turn the absolute most undesirable beginner to your the new school’s focal point was some one common looking for them, Jimin can turn loner Min Yoongi for the prom king.

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