CentOS 8 by Kurian

CentOS 8

An official CentOS AMI is yet to be released. This AMI created by Kurian is based on an official ISO image. All CentOS 8 based AMIs released by Kurian are based on this AMI.


  • Created based on an official ISO image.
  • Generated using CentOS ImageBuilder and tools provided by AWS.

How It Works

Supported Platforms

Only CentOS 8.


  • After the node is up and running fully, login as user ‘centos’.


The OS upgrade can be performed following the standard CentOS 8 steps.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

For support cotact us with details to contact@kurianinc.us.

Remote Access to EC2 Node

The EC2 node can be accessed using any SSL based remote access clients on port 22, as user centos with the ssh key you have selected when the node is provisioned.