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Document tools and processes for continuity and maintenance.
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Rollout processes to sustain automation efforts.
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Help you select the right DevOps toolchain for automation and roll them out.


Build and Support CI/CD Pipeline Infrastructure

This CI/CD pipeline infrastructure consists of a Git Server, Jenkins Server and slaves, Nexus Rep...

CI/CD Pipeline Cloud Resources

CI/CD Pipeline Cloud Resources by Kurian Kurian has  a big portfolio of Linux AMIs with pre-conf...

Content Management Hosting

Content Management Hosting on AWS Kurian can help with hosting content on a variety of platforms...

Managed WordPress Infrastructure

The Wordpress infrastructure will be setup on an up-to-date Linux distribution of customer’s choi...

Public Cloud Machine Image

Public Cloud Machine Image Kurian builds custom machine images to meet your specific requirement...

SmallBiz on the Cloud

SmallBiz on the Cloud The core services needed for running a small business such as website, ema...