Managed WordPress Infrastructure

The Wordpress infrastructure will be setup on an up-to-date Linux distribution of customer’s choice, on LAMP stack with a secured version of MariaDB as the database. Automated backups are taken at the host and database levels.

The service offered includes one or more of the features:

Install and configure hosts running Wordpress and MariaDB using secured AMIs by Kurian. Customer will manage the infrastructure, and pay AMI subscription fee and infrastructure costs to AWS. Customer will manage the Wordpress infrastructure with a premium support plan from Kurian. Kurian would address any infrastructure related issues on a priority basis. Kurian would manage the infrastructure for a monthly fee per host basis. The Wordpress AMI subscription fee is waived in this case. Customer will pay Kurian the monthly service charge and AWS infrastructure costs in actuals. The Wordpress infrastructure can be setup to meet the customer requirements. Kurian would also try to minimize the AWS charges by making use of various programs available and there is no extra charges for that.

The details of the service offering on AWS can be found here Managed Wordpress Infrastructure on AWS