CI/CD Pipeline Cloud Resources

CI/CD Pipeline Cloud Resources by Kurian

Kurian has  a big portfolio of Linux AMIs with pre-configured software applications and they are widely used by system administrators and DevOps engineers. The Kurian AMIs are built by following official installation steps so any additional customization that might be required for running your workload is fairly simple to do.

A popular line of AMIs that Kurian lists in the AWS marketplace caters to building CI/CD pipelines using open-source and license-free components. (For these AMIs Kurian charges a nominal fee for packaging and the support.) Kurian AMIs pack CI/CD tools in a consistent manner on stable, current and patched Linux distributions.

These are the CI/CD components currently offered in AWS Marketplace:

Kurian AMIs are available on all major Linux distributions  – Amazon Linux, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, and SUSE Linux. Custom AMIs on specific distributions and versions of Linux can be built upon request.

Kurian provides consulting services to build CI/CD pipelines using the components listed above. Enquiries can be sent using this professional service product listed in AWS Marketplace – Build and Support CI/CD pipeline.

Start building your CI/CD pipeline using Kurian AMIs today. They are free during the trial period. Any general queries can be sent to