OpenJDK Java Machine

Java Machine

Java applications use different versions of OpenJDK, starting from version 8 through the latest 15. This AMI has all the stable versions of OpenJDK pre-installed. All you need to do before running the workload is to point JAVA_HOME to the correct location.


All the versions of OpenJDK are installed on the AMI.

  • OpenJDK 8 is the default version of Java available on the AMI.
  • The OpenJDK versions 9 and above are installed under /opt/java. For example, release 9 is available under /opt/java/jdk-9. For the actual path and related info check under /opt/java and point JAVA_HOME to appropriate path as needed.

How It Works

Point JAVA_HOME to the appropriate location if the JDK version needed is not the default version. Currently, the default version is OpenJDK 8.

Supported Platforms

Click on the links below to take you to Amazon Marketplace for spinning up EC2 nodes.

OpenJDK 8 LTS Java Machine

OpenJDK 11 LTS Java Machine

OpenJDK 17 LTS Java Machine

OpenJDK 19 Java Machine

Unsupported Configurations

Kurian releases latest, stable versions of open source software on popular Linux distributions. If you need a configuration that is not currently available in marketplace, send us your requirements to Please include the following info in the email:

  • Name of Software to be on the AMI with version numbers.
  • Linux distribution and the version.
  • The EC2 instance type you plan to spin up from the AMI (optional).



Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Kurian can help with configuring Jenkins for your specific needs. Contact us with details to

Remote Access to EC2 Node

Following are the standard AWS defined users available for SSH when a node is provisioned:

  • Amazon Linux: ec2-user
  • Red Hat Linux: ec2-user
  • SuSE Linux: ec2-user
  • Fedora: fedora
  • CentOS: centos
  • Debian Linux: admin
  • Ubuntu: ubuntu